Tuesday, February 20, 2018

The Body Shop’s Cruelty Free Status Update

Last Summer we posted an article addressing the cruelty free status of The Body Shop in which I said some of the information put out by the brand seemed a bit elusive but I was recently reached out to by the campaign manager at Naturewatch Foundation regarding my post. I was informed that TBS has been put on to the foundation's Compassionate Shopping Guide - the longest running cruelty free guide in the world!

These Beauty Brands Still Test on Animals!

Although it's 2017 and most companies have come to realise that we don't like animal testing, a fair few number of beauty brands are still putting profits before paws. This our list of companies that still test on animals right now, so that you know which ones to avoid.

Is The Body Shop Cruelty Free After Being Sold to Natura Cosméticos?

Natura Cosméticos has recently made a deal with L'Oréal to purchase The Body Shop, but how does this afffect cruelty free status of the brand? Natura is a Brazilian manufacturer of beauty products, skin care, hair care, perfumes and more.  It is currently the largest cosmetic producer in Brazil, and it is a founding member of the Union for Ethical BioTrade - but is it against animal testing?

Maidstone Vegan Festival | Summer 2017

This Saturday my boyfriend and I visited the Maidstone Vegan Festival as it is local to us and we were really interested to see what was going on. Outside, there was live music and hot street style food, as well as soft serve vegan ice-cream. There were so many different stands! There was an area to try vegan cheeses, milks and more, and there were so many different charities and companies present. It was a very busy day, the turn out was really big! I was surprised to see so many local people embracing veganism.

Understanding Animal Testing Logos | Cruelty Free 101

There are quite a few cruelty free logos and signs that we see on beauty products nowadays, but how do we know which ones we can trust and which ones we can't? There are three main logos that can be seen globally across a range of products. These include the logos of Leaping Bunny, Caring Consumer, and CCF (Choose Cruelty Free) all of which are discussed in this post!

How to Keep Your Dog Cool During Summer

Here in the UK, we are currently having a heatwave! As the weather fluctuates from cold and rainy to scorching temperatures from week to week, us British cannot always manage to deal with what's going on and just freak out. One thing we can absolutely not get bamboozled by is keeping our dogs happy, safe, and cool, during summer when temperatures are hotting up.

Congratulations to Jay Wilde and Vegan Organic Farming

In the news earlier this week we were treated to a very happy story involving Mr Wilde, a vegetarian (former) beef farmer, who gave all of his cows to The Hillside Animal Sanctuary in Norfolk.

An Easy Guide to Going Vegetarian

It's that time of year again, National Vegetarian Week! (15-21 May 2017). Veggie week is run by the Vegetarian Society and encourages meat eaters to eat veggie in order to celebrate the week. I meet a lot of people who tell me that they would like to be vegetarian but they do not have the willpower, find it too overwhelming, or just can't give up eating meat. Therefore, I have compiled a handy guide outlining a few different ways to go vegetarian!

Dog Poo Bags are Killing Horses

Improperly discarded dog poo bags are killing horses and other grazing animals. If you have a pet, this also probably means you are a responsible owner, and care a great deal about your pet. Both of these traits mean a great deal - however there are some people out there that are still unaware of a big potential consequence of improperly disposing of dog poo.

Who are FRAME? Fund for the Replacement of Animals in Medical Experiments

Frame is an acronym Fund for the Replacement of Animals in Medical Experiments, they are a research organisation who are dedicated to develop new and valid methods that will replace the need for laboratory animals.

The facts of the Grand National and why it is still unethical

1 in 37 horses who starts a race season will have died by the end of it. These are beautiful animals that are completely voiceless and face a life of disturbing cruelty. What can we do to help?

The Problem with Pugs

Pedigree breed standards focus on the physical appearance traits of a dog rather than the health and well being traits. Because of this, many pedigree breeds have over exaggerated features which mean the animal isn't able to walk properly or even breath properly.

Extinction Spotlight: The Amur Tiger

The Amur Tiger, also known as the Siberian Tiger, is an endangered species facing a tough situation.

What’s the deal with parent companies? Cruelty Free 101

Parent companies have long been an issue when it comes to buying cruelty free cosmetics. It refers to when a bigger company owns a smaller company. The problem is that some smaller companies that are against animal testing are owned by big companies that test on animals.

Don’t Give Someone a Dog for Christmas

The biggest decision you can make in life is to take on the ownership of a creature. That is why you alone should make that decision.

Keeping Pets Calm During Firework Season

Firework season seems to grow longer and longer each year. This can be such a chaotic time for pet owners and many people don't realise how stressful fireworks are to our pets. They can also be very harmful to not only wildlife but our environment. Check out our list to help your lovely pets stay happy this firework season.

Protect Your Dog From Lungworm

Many dog owners do not know about lungworm. It is a deadly parasite that if left untreated, could prove fatal do dogs and foxes across the UK.

Chinese Sky Lanterns – An Unknown Danger to our Wildlife

Chinese Sky Lanterns are beautiful things, however they present a great danger to our wildlife that many people are simply unaware of.

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