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Schmidt’s Naturals Rose & Vanilla Natural Deodorant Review

When you go to the supermarket or drug store, the shelves seemed to be lined with deodorants full of unnatural ingredients and almost all the brands are tested on animals like Sanex, Nivea, Sure, Rightguard, Dove, Mitchum - just to name a few. That is why I am always pleased to see a cruelty free deodorant on sale - check out our review of Schmidt's Naturals Rose and Vanilla Natural Deodorant stick!

Pixi Beauty Glow Tonic Exfoliating Toner Review

The Pixi Beauty Glow Tonic is a cult classic, claiming to enhance your glow and remove your dead skin cells. Does it really leave your skin clean and clear and is it worth the big price tag? Lets find out!

A Guide to Cruelty Free Perfume and Aftershave

It is incredibly hard to find cruelty free perfumes as almost all major perfume and aftershave brands seem to be tested on animals. There are a few really great options out there, and hopefully this guide will help you stay cruelty free when looking out for a new scent!

E.L.F Poreless Face Primer Review | Vegan and Cruelty Free

E.L.F is a budget friendly beauty brand based in New York. E.L.F stands for eyes, lips and face, representing the range of products the company provides. The brand is also PETA approved cruelty free and vegan. E.L.F claims their vision is to 'empower and educate women to play in innovation without sacrificing their budget.' Does this Poreless Face Primer deliver on its bold claims?

Eylure London Brow Palette Brow Trio Review

Here is our review of the Eylure London Brow Palette Brow Trio. It comes in three different shades but we are taking a look at the blonde kit which aims to sculpt, shade and define. This eyebrow kit is little but does it pack a big punch?

How To Shop Cruelty Free Beauty on ASOS

ASOS is super popular for online fashion, and is often the first place people go to when looking to buy clothes online - however ASOS also stocks many beauty products and can be a good spot to save some dollar on your favourite items thanks to promotions like discount codes and it's handy to get your hands on product lines that may not be available to you locally. But, which brands are cruelty free?

Taking a Look at Arbonne Beauty and Skincare Ranges

I recently received an exciting package filled with Arbonne samples. These included a mini selection of the Calm range, RE9 Advanced, and RE9 Advanced for Men. I also tried out the Shea Butter Hand Cream and the It's A Long Story mascara. What do we think of the vegan and cruelty free skincare ranges from Arbonne?

Urban Veda Soothing Exfoliating Facial Polish Review

Urban Veda is a skincare brand based around balance and wellness, and improving the health of our skin against everyday factors such as pollution. The brand also follows the principles of Ayurveda, a medical system based on the belief that overall wellness is based on the balance between mind, spirit, and body. The Soothing Exfoliating Facial Polish is tailor made for sensitive skin, prone to acne, rosacea, sunburn and rashes - but does it really bring your skin into balance? Lets find out!

Tints of Nature Hydrating Vegan Haircare Range Review

Tints of Nature offers cruelty-free, high quality at home hair colour, but did you know they also have an award winning haircare range? The hydrating range is vegan-friendly, affordable and packed with natural, organic ingredients to leave your hair smell gorgeous and feeling bouncy and soft.

These Beauty Brands Still Test on Animals!

Although it's 2017 and most companies have come to realise that we don't like animal testing, a fair few number of beauty brands are still putting profits before paws. This our list of companies that still test on animals right now, so that you know which ones to avoid.

How Can L’Oréal Make Misleading Claims About Being Cruelty Free?

I think it's time L'Oréal puts the welfare of animals over profits, and stops purposefully issuing anti-animal testing statements. I hope that the action taken by the FDA will encourage L'Oréal to be more truthful in the future and that they will stop violating legal loopholes, but I wish for nothing more than the end of cruel, unjustified treatment of animals that has already caused so much pain and suffering.

Why Next Nail Polishes are Underrated

Finding cruelty free makeup on the high street can be hard, mainly because companies use vague language or just elude from the whole topic. That's why it's nice when a company uses a logo or issues a statement on their products that you can then go away and research for yourself - because of course you can't always trust cruelty free labelling! I'm writing this post because I want to share the wonders of Next's nail polishes. I fear that cruelty free beauty hunters are missing out on an absolute gem. 

Why Skinny Shaming Can Be Just as Toxic as Fat Shaming

I was recently at a party where a live band played a cover of All About That Bass by Meghan Trainor after introducing it “one for the ladies”. My boyfriend and I simultaneously rolled our eyes, but looking around me at women laughing and dancing, I wondered whether I was being needlessly offended. I have realised that skinny shaming can be just as bad as fat shaming - as all body shaming. It makes women feel just as isolated and lonely. It makes women feel just as unhappy and unsatisfied with their body. All bodies deserve love and self care.

Lavera Basis Sensitiv All-Round Cream Review

Lavera is a brand I discovered recently when I was researching brands to publish The Complete Guide to Cruelty Free Beauty. Lavera has been producing a huge range of cruelty free beauty, skincare and haircare for over 25 years. The All-Round Cream is intensely moisturising, and the rich, buttery texture is gorgeous! It's a really great cream for anyone who suffers with dry skin, or prone to the occasional dry patch such as knees, elbows and heels.

The Complete Guide to Cruelty Free Beauty Brands | UK

This is the complete guide to buying cruelty free in the UK. Please note I have not included any cruelty free brands on this list whose parent companies test on animals. You can find out where the products are available from, and you can click on the brand name to take you straight to the website!

Understanding Animal Testing Logos | Cruelty Free 101

There are quite a few cruelty free logos and signs that we see on beauty products nowadays, but how do we know which ones we can trust and which ones we can't? There are three main logos that can be seen globally across a range of products. These include the logos of Leaping Bunny, Caring Consumer, and CCF (Choose Cruelty Free) all of which are discussed in this post!

Benecos Natural Beauty Brand Review | Nail Polish, Eyeshadow & Mascara

Benecos Natural Beauty is a completely natural brand, BDIH certified, cruelty free, and they also offer a range of vegan products. Today we are having a look at the glamour mascara, nail polish in you-nique and the quattro eyeshadow in the shade coffee and cream.

Barry M Colour Correcting Wand in Lemon Review

If you are a long time reader of Friendly and Free, then you will probably noticed I am quite a fan of Barry M. This is a quick review of the Colour Correcting Wand in lemon. In the correcting wands collection, Barry M also does purple, to brighten the skin, and green, to neutralise redness. I'm just trying out the lemon one - which claims to "eradicate" dark circles.

Lush Ocean Salt Face and Body Scrub Review

Ocean Salt is a lovely face and body scrub, it's effective at removing dead skin and dirt, yet leaves your skin feeling super soft afterwards. It's suitable for all skin types and it smells lovely!

Barry M Flawless Matte Finish Foundation Review

I really like this foundation. It's cruelty free, affordable, looks great and it's easy to apply. One major issue though is that there are not nearly enough shades offered. This foundation is great for lighter skin tones and normal/dry to oil skin types, but there needs to be a wider range of shades! I'm hopeful that Barry M will release this foundation with a wider selection.

Living Nature Bliss Rose Tinted Lip Hydrator Review | Cruelty Free

Living Nature is a certified natural skincare and cosmetics company from New Zealand. Founded in the late eighties whose ethos has maintained the values of providing natural and authentic beauty, ‘doing no harm to our world’ – I think this is a really nice legacy to promote environmental care and sustainability whilst doing good for our skin wellbeing.

My Cruelty Free Makeup Brush Collection | Real Techniques, Ecotools & More

I have seen in the community that makeup brush blog posts are quite popular, so I have decided to create a post sharing my brush collection. All of my brushes are synthetic and cruelty free. Including: The Everydays, the Ovals, the Lotties and the Ecotools!

Who are FRAME? Fund for the Replacement of Animals in Medical Experiments

Frame is an acronym Fund for the Replacement of Animals in Medical Experiments, they are a research organisation who are dedicated to develop new and valid methods that will replace the need for laboratory animals.

How to Shop Cruelty Free on the British High Street and Supermarkets

Lots of shops on the Great British high street have launched cosmetic lines from Next to New Look. It's hard to know what's cruelty free and what isn't with so much on offer, but here is a handy list of well-known brands and there animal testing policies.

Botanicals Wild Rose Nourishing Hand Balm Review | Vegan and Cruelty Free

Botanicals Natural Organic Skincare is an online shop that provides a range of products from skincare to beauty. The company’s ethos is focusing on using and promoting natural, organic ingredients.

Donating My Hair to the Little Princess Trust

So last week I finally got a much needed haircut. I've been wanting to cut my hair short for a while and I thought just before my birthday would be as good time as any. Because I was cutting so much of my hair I decided to donate my hair to the Little Princess Trust, a charity that provides free wigs to children suffering from cancer, and alopecia, across the UK and the Republic of Ireland.

The Best Cruelty Free Lip Balms | Cruelty Free Skin Care

I use lip balms all day everyday. My lips get super dry, especially when it's cold and windy out. But which ones are cruelty free and which ones are actually any good? Here are some of my favourite, go-to lip balms.

Lippy Girl Vegocentric Organic Vegan Lipstick Review | Ski Bunny

Lippy Girl make a range of makeup products that are eco-friendly, natural, organic, and vegan friendly. Both the ingredients and the final products are not tested on animals and they also do not contain chemical preservatives.

Noughty Hair Care To The Rescue Shampoo and Conditioner Review

Noughty Hair Care make and sell a range of hair care products, including four types of shampoo and conditioner, as well as a leave-in conditioner and detoxifying two-in-one shampoo. The main selling point of Noughty is that the products are made up of 97% natural ingredients.

What’s the deal with parent companies? Cruelty Free 101

Parent companies have long been an issue when it comes to buying cruelty free cosmetics. It refers to when a bigger company owns a smaller company. The problem is that some smaller companies that are against animal testing are owned by big companies that test on animals.

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