Eyebrows are still a trending topic and I love trying out different products and brow looks. Today I am reviewing the Eylure Brow Palette in the shade blonde.

It contains brow wax, powder and a highlighter, as well as a mini angled brush and foam applicator. The aim of the palette is to be everything you need to shade, sculpt and define. The palette is small, it’s matte with the logo on the top and a mirror inside. One bug bear is that it’s really hard to open especially if you have make up hands!

The palette is very small so the brush is tiny. I find it too small to get a precise application so I prefer to use a bigger brow brush, such as the B. Beauty Eyebrow Groomer. I like to use two different angled brushes for my brows, I like to use one to apply the brow powder and another to outline the brow bone with the high lighter (or concealer). The wax is easy to work through with a spoolie brush.

I swatched the brow powder to give an idea of the colour. I find a lot of brow kits labelled as blond are quite dark but this is a nice shade, and it’s not too warm. I don’t have super light hair but I don’t like my brows to be too dark.

Here is the finished look! This kit is great for full, natural looking brows. My brows are quite full but the kit gives them a bit more shape and density. I like that you can use the kit to create a natural look, but if you wanted a more stencilled, precise look then that would be achievable with it.

This brow palette from Eyelure is £9.95, I think this is a little expensive but I think the formulation and ingredients are nicer than cheaper options. It lasts all day but comes off easy enough with some micellar water. Overall, if you are a brow fanatic, I think it’s worth giving this little palette a try!