ASOS is super popular for online fashion, and is often the first place people go to when looking to buy clothes online – however ASOS also stocks many beauty products and can be a good spot to save some dollar on your favourite items thanks to promotions like discount codes and it’s handy to get your hands on product lines that may not be available to you locally.

I’ve trawled through the site to find every brand that ASOS sells and then researched the companies to find out whether they are cruelty free or not. For companies with an ambiguous, or non-existent, animal testing policy I have reached out via email.

Below are the replies from companies that I didn’t feel comfortable labelling cruelty free:


3INA does not test any of its make-up products or their ingredients on animals. All of our products are manufactured in the EU where animal testing has been strictly forbidden since 2013.

I did ask whether 3INA sells in China but they did not answer this.

Elegant Touch (Original Additions)

At present there is no law requirement in the EU, USA or international markets where Elegant Touch is present that requires Original Additions’ products to be tested on animals. It is also against Original Additions’ policy to test cosmetic products on animals. Original Additions is not exporting products to China.

Elegant Toucher did not confirm whether their suppliers or ingredients are tested.


Our company is 100% cruelty free, from raw material to final product and where we distribute.

Companies that did not reply to my email(s):

  • Embryolisse
  • It’s Skin